THR advocacy will be on the losing side if we cannot figure out how to move opponents away from this sports-fan – or perhaps its gang-fight – mentality: “that person is on ‘my team’ so I will believe her and rally to her defense without worrying about the content of her claims” and “that guy criticized something someone on ‘my team’ said so I will disdain him”. Somewhere along the line – not long after they created the infamous (and not-so-dirty) Dirty Dozen – they became too popular for their own good – at least that’s my guess – and realized the power of big, scary, sensationalistic headlines. So far, I’m impressed and planning to spend more time checking out the site. The company sponsoring it suggested using diluted vinegar or Bicarb so you could be chemical free. The really sad thing though was that this was encouraging people to share their scare stories and work themselves up into a state of fear, just to sell some expensive cloths. Unless we can figure out how to break through those partisan tendencies – so that people are willing to think “I support organized public health efforts and anti-smoking, but the anti-THR people are full of crap” – then we are going to face tough partisan opposition. […] too, if you care to look around.) And I haven’t found any good sources that vet all the claims that come up in the popular media. So I avoid (as much as practical) based on precaution. Oxygen is a chemical. As a nonprofit organization, they served as a watchdog looking for unsafe levels of chemicals in our food and environment. So it’s time to stop being terrified of them. Precision of language matters. My complaint is with those who *promote* the misinformation, such as Food Babe and Mike Adams at Natural News and Mercola. of formaldehyde in a child’s blood. It’s the dose that makes the poison, and there simply is not enough formaldehyde in vaccines to cause any problems for humans. We cannot guarantee that the personal information you supply will not be intercepted while transmitted to us or our marketing automation service Mailchimp. It’s only through a better knowledge of chemistry and toxicology that we can begin to assess chemical risks in a more rational, healthier way. Take these steps for safety. (This unspoken premise is why it did not even occur to me that mentioning what I thought was a well-known metaphor to provide context would be seen as partisan.) It is found in high concentrations in Peking duck (120 parts per million), smoked salmon (50 ppm), and processed meats (20 ppm) as a normal result of traditional curing processes. I recommend you check it out. I’m not belittling or demeaning anyone, and I’m not a scientist. because cultivating the truth requires both seeding and weeding. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Water is a chemical. Nail polish remover and paint thinner? In the poster that we started discussing yesterday, she claims that e-cigarettes contain several specific chemicals and then tries to make that sound like it matters. STOP SAYING CHEMICALS WHEN YOU MEAN TOXIC CHEMICALS. The problem is that when we pour our time and energy into campaigns about the chemicals we DON’T need to be concerned about – such as formaldehyde in personal care products, the “yoga mat chemical” in foods, etc. When I started looking into some the (not obscure) chemicals I use in my research, I discovered that for most of them, there were only tests done on lethality doses in mice. That insight suggests a few promising strategies. So I wrote a lengthy piece at Slate about the irrational fear surrounding formaldehyde, given that it naturally occurs in our environment, our food and our bodies. I’m not pretending not to know anything — I have known MANY people who truly mean they want something “chemical-free” because they don’t understand what a chemical really is. The only way you’re going to get free of chemicals is to find a way to get out into the vacuum of space – and even then YOU are a floating bag of chemicals, contaminating space with all the chemicals sloughing off your body. No of course not. When people say we want to minimize chemical exposure, its FREAKING OBVIOUS we mean ‘KNOWN TOXIC CHEMICALS’ not like ‘every chemical including oxygen’. When I first started documenting the lies, one favorite was an oft-copied list of chemicals … Why even go there and risk upsetting half the population on an unrelated This image and site will be referenced at If you want to educate yourself, then stop using phrases that are scientifically illiterate. | Wild Homestead, This whole thing annoyed me because I was well aware that the tiny amounts of formaldehyde released by the preservative in baby shampoo were hardly “toxic” if you consider that it would take 15 bottles of shampoo to expose a person to as much formaldehyde as exists in a single apple. ‘Pure’ should refer to single-ingredient products only. Vaccines also contain tiny amounts of formaldehyde. However, I received some valid criticism on Twitter from an environmental scientist and engineer who pointed out that I oversimplified, and potentially even misrepresented, what being a carcinogen means. (I’m unaware of any evidence regarding the soul’s chemical composition.) The most commonly used paint thinner is water. Then perhaps we can bend chemophobia back toward biophilia – creating an awareness that humans are chemically connected to all of the world around us. Posted on April 3, 2014 Author Steve Milloy Categories Chemophobia, Precautionary principle, Researcher Misconduct, Scientific method, Uncategorized 7 Comments on Cribs are toxic–What to do? How much are we talking about? Science Lesson: what are vapor, aerosol, particles, liquids, and such? The annoying thing about articles like this is they always use this tone like, ‘I am science and reason, you are all scaredy-cat housewife alarmist idiots who will believe anything’. In reality, ‘natural’ products are usually more chemically complicated than anything we can create in the lab. As a scientist (but not a chemist), I am very much aware of how much we *don’t* know about many of the manufactured chemicals all around us. The fact that an ingredient is synthetic does not automatically make it dangerous, and the fact that it is natural doesn’t make it safe. My mantra is “the dosage makes the difference” (thank you, Paracelsus). The theme of this blog might be seen as one of anti-partisanship, in the sense of objecting to the notion that political decisions should be seen as being competing teams in some kind of game. The global market for ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ personal care products is projected to reach $16 billion by 2020, even though those products generally have no demonstrated safety advantage over their ‘synthetic’ equivalents. It has undoubtedly helped our species to survive, since we are fundamentally dependent on our surrounding environment and ecosystem. EWG did not mount a massive campaign against J&J to remove an allergen. No, of course not.”;  compare: “Ellen Hahn, a cannibal? When I first started documenting the lies, one favorite was an oft-copied list of chemicals that could be found in smokeless tobacco, along with a scary example of where else each could be found. By “relatively common”, I mean basically any of the thousands of chemicals whose name a well-read non-chemist has ever heard. We will try and respond to your request as soon as reasonably practical. That leaves consumers to have to piece together information pulled from various sources: FDA, CPSC, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, overseas regulatory info, and science-based blogs that rely on peer-reviewed evidence, such as Science-Based Medicine. Because after all, whether it’s formaldehyde in baby shampoo or oxygen in your scuba tank, it’s the dose that makes the poison. What conflict of interest accusations really mean (with a tie to The Times's attack on GTNF participants). The hullabaloo surrounding formaldehyde in baby shampoo is just another example of “chemophobia,” or an irrational fear of “CHEMICALZ!” in our society (more on that shortly too). It is common in English for words to have both a technical meaning and a common-speech meaning. By no means do I think I am superior in some way to others, and I’m not one of those who rants about all “those idiots.” There are many people who are misinformed or uninformed, and then they learn something and that’s that. It was a great Twitter discussion, and although I stand by my story, and although she and I both agree that the formaldehyde in J&J products poses no cancer threat to consumers, she wrote an excellent blog post discussing the nuance I couldn’t have addressed in my piece. But, if that 200-lb man drinks gallons and gallons water at one time, it can kill him. The roots of chemophobia run deep. Carson’s words helped to inspire unleaded gasoline, the US Clean Air Act, the banning of DDT, and other hugely important environmental advances. I get your point about EWG but where would you then direct discerning consumers who may be laypeople and ill-educated about science but want to make wise choices nonetheless? Above all, it’s impossible to avoid “chemicals.” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen someone claim they don’t use chemicals in their home, or that they want “chemical-free food” or “chemical-free products.” I’ve even seen products advertised as “chemical-free.”.

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