It’s good to know you are enjoying these lessons, and thanks for sharing your feedback! Here’s a game to enjoy until next week! These principles have an added bonus of reinforcing the use of opening principles since your middle game is only as good as your opening.

If you’re the player with the positional weak spot, you need to marshal your forces quickly to defend your position. I don’t recommend ever giving up if you have a fighting chance because you never know if your opponent will make a mistake. You should do what you can to avoid this trade from happening unless if give you the knight and a pawn, or a better position.

If you are in an open position,  you will want to hold onto your bishop. If your opponent attacks you on the flanks, do not fight back on the flanks (unless you cannot avoid it).

However, it is best not to overwhelm the beginner with too much in the way of theory. You can also apply this to the mid game because sometimes there is so much going on that it’s hard to come up with a plan. In the mid game, if you notice that your opponent has a light squared bishop, and your pawns are stuck on white squares, they will be an easier target for that bishop later in the end game. The mid game is all about executing your plan and trying to gain a piece over your opponent which will give you an edge in the end game. Trading here is not 100% needed because black can have a great attack on the f2 pawn with that black bishop, but it would give a nice advantage. thanks for the brow beating(head beating if your English is not natural yet). by the way I am very prowd of all you young gms. Magnus Carlson is fantastic at and games so if you were playing at his level, you would want to make sure he does not get to the end game. If it were black’s move in this position, he would do well to trade the black bishop for the white knight on c3. You will also have your already weak central forces further weakened by a counter attack which is why you have to build up a strong position in the center before attacking. However, when the beginner tries to produce their own tactical fireworks, they often fizzle out. The best part about turning a semi-open file into an open file is that your rook will most likely be the first rook occupying the open file. For example, there are some club players I know who struggle with specific time controls. Moving pawns and pieces to their most active squares helps you reach a stronger middle game position.

In this scenario of the King’s Indian Defense, black is unable to move the queenside bishop, rook, and even the b pawn.

Here’s an example of the King’s Indian where black can weaken the e6 square, potentially allowing a knight to come in at some point. Open Files for Rooks and Occupy Them The second principle of the mid game is to focus on creating open files for your rooks.

The bonus to the opening article is what really makes up the mid game: Have a plan. Maintaining a smaller number of pawn islands is essential to gaining an edge in the end game.

Remember the saying “A bad plan is better than no plan”. It’s because of this goal that sometimes players will resign in the mid game if they have lost material. ← 8 Endgame Chess Principles To Always Follow (for Beginners and Experts), Evan’s Gambit Theory (Accepted and Declined) | A Definitive Guide →, Trade when you are up in position or pieces. The goal of RagChess is to help all players become better at chess by understanding theories, openings, tactics, & more through videos and in depth guides, You can’t have a strong mid game if you didn’t have a strong opening, and you can’t. One of the most common and direct plans in the middlegame is to attack the opponent’s king. where I highlight other games and things to consider in chess.

thankyou. I hope this article helped you understand the basic principles of the mid game and apply them to your game. Rooks become easier targets when they are not protecting each other. Since weak squares can never be fixed, only compensated for, it’s best to think about them ahead of time in the mid game. Any chess player can learn and effectively use the typical middle game positions. To create an open file, you need to remove both pawns on the file (a-h) which can be tough to accomplish easily. This creates a perfect opportunity to counter attack an already weak center. While it’s not a big threat in the beginning of the game, if the pawn stays backwards, your opponent could exploit it. Consider moving them to dark squares with tempo on pieces if you can. Thanks for sharing your feedback! You will definitely want to avoid tripled up pawns because these pawns are in a straight line and cannot support each other. After you’ve developed your pieces to active squares during the opening phase of the game, look at each piece and ask yourself the question, “Can I improve this piece’s position?” Can you move your pieces to more active squares, those that control more territory on the board? Therefore, it is always recommended to have a plan to follow in the middlegame. I rejected the slower re3 idea and the qh3 idea. You may find yourself play against Magnus Carlson, the current world champion and a grand master chess player. According to Fine, a material advantage will usually not giv… Being able to control open files is the best scenario you can have it because it allows you to control what happens on that file and what pieces may move to that file. Best of luck in Chess! if you have any questions or comments, please put them below or check out my. For example, attacking your opponent’s rook with a bishop, and forcing it to move up one square away from the backrank, can make the other rook an easier target. While rooks are not strong in the opening of chess, they are extremely valuable in the mid game because they can help protect pieces and … But you can see the moves played below “Conclusions”, heya marko not only was this lesson good for the title but tactics in general. Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Unanswered ; Middle game and endgame principles. It’s important thing to think about keeping your bishop pair.

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