All of these effects may not be required for a given application. Like most consumer costs, meat prices change with fluctuations in meat demand and supply. The term beef, for instance, refers to meat from cattle over 9 months old. The chemical composition of meats vary due to differences in their genetics (breed/species), gender, age, their diet and nutritional status, the muscle type, the location and physiological function of the muscle in the animal and the physical exercise of the animal (related to the type of farming such as free-range, cage etc.). These fat deposits consist of fat cells held in a matrix of connective tissue. 4.Identify meat cuts, grades, and the marketing process. degradation of lipids and nucleotides and formation of biogenic amines). Chemical Changes Associated with Slaughter; 4. Simal et al. Meaning of Meat: Many people in the context of meat refer to food which comes from lamb; but in reality, meat is the body tissue of any animal that is eaten as food. In this respect, tenderness and juiciness of (cooked) meat are considered the major textural quality attributes appealing to consumers that drive their willingness to pay high price for a particular meat cut. Additionally, the amount of collagen and degree of their crosslinking in muscle tissue can have an implication on meat solubility during cooking. Flavor is also affected by the age and feeding of the animal. Although the results obtained on the intact meat were poorer than those obtained on ground samples, the R2 values for the external validation were 0.95 and 0.76 for the measurements of intramuscular fat and protein contents, respectively. Each of these components makes different energy and nutritional contributions to the human diet (see Chapter 20). When an ultrasonic plane wave propagates in a medium with Z = Z1 and is incident normally at an interface with Z = Z2, the intensity reflection and transmission coefficients (αr, and αt) are given in terms of the incident (pi), reflected (pr) and transmitted (pt) sound pressures (Wells, 1969). Identify various modified meat products. Refer to the food/analyte matrix on the Foods and Analytes page of this website to determine which TDS foods are analyzed for each analyte group.

Rapid formation of fish aroma after they are caught is due to autolytic activities (i.e. The quality measures for fresh meat cuts and processed meats are summarised in Table 3. The use of such a processing technique is necessary to recover signals buried in noise, as a result of large acoustic impedance and mismatch between air and the sample. Consequently, probe A forms a graph detailing the echo signal in which the height corresponds to the size of the inhomongeneity and the timebase provides its range or depth. (2012). (6) Focusing mirror to focus spectra on the detector. (7) Detector collection lens.

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