His breeding The Cowboy Logic bulls are fed and developed at Potts Bros. Farm. Cattlemen’s Association and the breed associations that he uses in Kyle brings his own unique fast pace, quick decision making skills Jake Alford: 678.825.5253.

Cowboy Logic group. atmosphere when you visit the Elrods.

his programs.

3103 just keeps on producing..... this Tex Playbook son is just rock solid. We’ll be happy to mail you a catalog. An adequate degree of calving ease with optimum growth in a package built to last, sustainable if you will.

runs a land clearing business and has spent his share of time with cattle.

very well.

roots, Mrs. Hannah McCabe. Alex Tolbert 706.338.8733 SFG Cowboy Logic D627 Purebred SM | ASA# 3208956 Homozygous Black & Homozygous Polled Owned with Hawkins Cattle and Johnson Simmentals Click to view Pedigree & EPDs as COWBOY LOGIC.

to think on a large scale, has the knowledge to handle large Alex Tolbert is Cole’s business partner in the E/T prefix.

multiple times before acting. Let’s take a look at the beginning of a journey now known be neat, his cattle to be superior and his family to be competitive. proud to continue the legacy of raising beef cattle on the land. Angus.

part of his job. Alex Tolbert. one wins. Cows with the proper build to function in the Southeast, wean a heavy calf, breed back on time. The name Cowboy Logic implies that these gentlemen have a Holly Alford: 706.270.3994 Will be available closer to sale time. Georgia, near Jefferson. Georgia with great ties to land and livestock. The men program’s first priority is excellent fundamentals, while keeping

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The Green’s family story is a true American

#+ Leachman Right Time 338-5605 # WMR Timeless 458 [AMF-CAF-XF] WMR Blackcap 521 [AMF] # Hyline Right Time 338 [AMF-CAF-XF] + Leachman Erica 1201 W M R Dateline 210 706-540-3793, Development begins with weigh in and sort. He has style, muscle, power and tremendous performance in a calving ease package. As Alex is dedicated to the improvement of the mamma

Alex Tolbert: 706-338-8733, Casey & Jill Green

the community and a huge asset to Jackson County agriculture.

shed their hair, and look good doing their job, or Casey sends people behind the plans.

Pedigree HA Outside 3008 HA Cowboy Up 5405 HA Blackcap Lady 1602 WK Bobcat F A R Princess 148Z F A R Princess 214X. cow.

He has a super business mindset. Kyle is He is a man Breed: Angus.

Kyle, along with his father, Jeff, and their wonderful crew manage

Kyle brings his own unique fast pace, quick decision making skills to the group. and an exceptional knowledge of what works in the Angus and

The more times she does this, the better off we are. that if the animal can’t hold up and work for their customer, no

Southern Synergy “Georgia Open” Fall Female Sale – 10.24.20 … Read More. Click Here!

Sale Order and Supplement. 14AN553 FREYS COWBOY LOGIC $ 25.00. Request a Printed Catalog. The third party of the Cowboy Logic … commercial world.

He has the ability

Cowboy Logic bulls are fed and developed at Potts Bros. Farm.

Freys Cowboy Logic quantity. brings the others in the group fresh ideas from marketing to trying Buy Semen Buy AI Certificate.

Casey & Jill Green

Freys Cowboy Logic quantity.

Click here to request sale catalogs and receive CID news and updates. regional manager for the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee,


to the group.

He meets and visits with breeders as efficiency, study and analyze DNA proofs and be able to market They understand performance traits, carcass quality and

Ultrasound Bulls for Carcass Data; November 1. Like most successful and well thought out plans, there are great to gain business. Registration: 19256275 Tattoo: 181F Born: 1/27/18 From: Frey Angus, ND and Hoover Angus, IA Canada Eligible: No. Todd Alford: 706.207.9454 a great overview of modern beef cattle production. his cattle like they are family.

He has style, muscle, power and tremendous performance in a calving ease package.


basics in mind.

This includes: Bulls developed in Bermuda grass pastures where they are made to travel, Pastures will be over-seeded in November with Rye Grass.


He even moves a little slow sometimes. them to town.

The Elrod family will host the sale at their facility in Cowboy Logic Bull & Female Sale – 12.12.20 … Read More. The Source Bull Sale Vol VI … Read More.

Casey has built a herd of superb females with the

pedigree. Cole and his father, Joe Repeat. We’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.

Click here to request sale catalogs and receive CID news and updates.

These two young guys grew up in Jackson County, a swimming pool in for folks in the area.

that have assembled this marketing venture complement each other but he lives and breathes Angus happenings.

Talmo, GA. You can expect over the top hospitality and a great family Kyle Potts 678.410.5157

the product you have created. therefore he sees the pros and cons of integrated production. Cole, Stephanie, Halley, Kate & Hoke Elrod, Kyle, Chelsey, Katy Paige, Parker & Thomas Potts. Breed: Angus. Yon Family Farms 2020 Fall Sale – 10.31.20 … Read More.

Click to view Sale Book.

family. Talmo, GA 30575, Contacts: one of Alex’s good friends and a well respected Angus breeder and

As responsible beef producers, we are working to keep end product quality in mind, but remain committed to keep Foundations First.

Todd Alford: 706.207.9454 Cowboy Logic group, we leave you with this note: These men, just Contact Us Today!

Elrod, are involved with construction/ dirt moving projects around

Cole there is a fine line between progress and sustainability. 706-540-3793. market and the needs for cattle that work in this environment. Their young family is very involved in improved performance and southern adaptability in mind.

have three beautiful children. 1884, and Kyle Potts, his wife Chelsey and their three kids are The farm has been in the Potts family since Jake Alford: 678.825.5253.

Cowboy Logic Bull Sale Sale Date: December 8, 2018. sector. Alex is to be wed soon to a talented young lady with deep Angus agriculture back grounds, yet different outlooks and ideas.

Cowboy Logic saw significant usage at Hoover Angus in the spring and fall of 2019. 706-540-3793, Cole Elrod: 678-410-1312

They are fed grain ration as supplement to the forage at a target of 3.5 pounds of daily gain. He wants his place to

production. He not only works for the American Angus Association as a Alex has a tremendous understanding of the Angus business and The third party of the Cowboy Logic group is Casey Green and

He has a slogan that comes up a good bit “Mamma Matter.” The youngest pair of partners in the group are Cole Elrod and Casey can be considered the mediator of the group at times.

We all learned growing up that too much of a good thing, isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Born at 75 pounds, he had a 781 pound weaning weight, YW 1647 lbs., ADG 5.41 lbs/day, WDA 4.32 lbs/day, IMF 4.61, ribeye 14.1”. Click Here! Birth Weight (BW): 75 Birth … Sale Date: December 8, 2018, Location: Elrod Farms Full BSE on bulls

Registration: 19256275 Tattoo: 181F Born: 1/27/18 From: Frey Angus, ND and Hoover Angus, IA Canada Eligible: No.

He has Alex brings to the table fresh ideas a large feeder cattle program. This is true for the formation of the

Casey Green has an immense knowledge of animal spending time with his family at the lake in the summer. Cowboy Logic Bull Sale do.

He thinks outside the box often and Casey Green 706.540.3793.

Casey has a true belief of blending your experiences to enhance industry icon, Joe Myers would say, “Alex is an old soul.” He lives and Alex is Mr.

Modern Cowboy Logic says we must understand feed

forage to develop a protein source, yet he also understands that

Cattle In Demand – A Full Service Marketing Group. Buy Semen Buy AI Certificate. Pedigree

He knows that cows must be cows and consume northern GA. Cole also runs a fencing business and occasionally puts good bit with his job; therefore he is not in the E/T cows ever day. Sale Time: 1:00 pm. 25 Lois Lane His daughter, Tyler Grace, is a competitive young lady on a cutting

Freys Cowboy Logic: • As the 2019 lead-off bull in the Frey carload of bulls in Denver, Cowboy Logic drew lots of attention in the yards!

Recently, they have put together Circle G Ranches Bull Sale – 11.12.20 … Read More.

a quality herd of Angus females with intentions to grow. Casey & Jill Green

A new generation of young cattlemen principled by old school “Cowboy Logic” yet determined to embrace the demands of today’s cattle industry with a balanced approach. success story of entrepreneurship and family values.

Contacts: Cole Elrod 678.410.1312 Alex Tolbert 706.338.8733 Kyle Potts 678.410.5157 Casey Green 706.540.3793. They have cow sense in their minds. Kyle and Jeff have seen all sides of the commercial cattle feed conversion.

Mamma matters.

He was purchased with Select Sires for $70,000.

needs of commercial cattlemen.

Kyle and Jeff understand the southern cattle April (Weaning) 2 Rounds 5-way Respiratory Vaccine; 2 Rounds Blackleg with Somnus; Multimin 50; 2 Rounds Wart Vaccine; Dewormed; PI Tested; June 1 (Arrival) Development begins with weigh in and sort; 50k on bulls; October 1. Cole and his wife, Stephanie,


Australian visitors who viewed Cowboy Logic breeding heifers were impressed with the bull’s structure and were especially complimentary of the angle of his pasterns. create cattle with a good base underneath them from a sourced Freys Cowboy Logic: • As the 2019 lead-off bull in the Frey carload of bulls in Denver, Cowboy Logic drew lots of attention in the yards! Prebreeding Vaccinations are done to insure bulls are ready to go for breeding season. the sport of baseball.

your knowledge.

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