Stay strong and don’t give up soon. You might also be having a baby dream because you are currently happy, contented and filled with peace of mind. You might feel neglected by someone close to you and are therefore craving their attention. A baby dream could also be an indication of a part of you that is feeling neglected and requires nurturing love and acceptance. You need to be able to successfully develop new ideas, if you are holding a baby in your dream then this is often connected with functioning successfully on social or charity deeds, which you have to become part of. When such a dream happens, this could be an indication of how the dreamer is going to great lengths to hide their vulnerability from the people around them. The dream interpretation may be that you are innocent of an accusation. To dream of forgetting or that you had a baby (or forgot, or lost your baby) this dream means that you are trying to hide your own weaknesses.

You might be holding back from sharing your feelings with other people and are hesitant about talking about your worries and problems. Maybe you’ll experience a failure. If the baby is dead in your dream, it signifies the ending of something that has just begun to develop in your life. You are spared the responsibility about something in waking life. To dream of forgetting to feed your baby represents feelings of worry about your career. In many ancient dream dictionaries such a dream denotes that the baby is just a symbol of ones inner child. You will be unprepared and act by instinct.

To give birth in your dream has a very transparent interpretation. You might have recently achieved an academic, financial or spiritual goal in your life. To feel terror, being frustrated or stressed out if you are searching for a lost baby reflects your frustrations and issues at work.

However, a baby is the symbol of purity, new beginnings, and innocence, however, you will still need to take a keener look at what the baby was doing and its surroundings in the dream for you to understand the dream better. This may need to be a trait required in life. However if it is negative, consider working on changing it for the better and if it then becomes difficult, you can always seek help. Also, this dream can show the vulnerable part of your character, that has to be sheltered or perhaps you are fostering some new ideas or opinions. In one dream it may be a symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings while in another dream it might be a symbol of immaturity, vulnerability, and discontent. It could be writing, painting, singing, business and so on. However, to experience this, you must learn how to love yourself. Sometimes you might dream of the very things that you don’t like. Take a look at those scenarios where you felt deeply hurt emotionally. It’s best you keep your distance from negative people and start fresh. If you are a man and you dream of having a baby, then it could be an indication of something new that will cause a major and positive change in your life. If the dream is recurring, then there is more urgency and you should have made your ideas a reality yesterday. The baby in this instance serves as a symbol for finding something out about yourself. However, in general, babies are a symbol of new beginnings, new ideas, rebirth and recreating your life. To dream of someone in the dream murdering a baby (a nightmare!) To see an evil baby in your dream represents your suppressed anger and the negative part of your personality. This is definitely a good dream and shows a good sign. It also means that you are doing all the right things and that they will eventually pay off. When you don’t hurt others or make them feel insecure because you feel insecure yourself and instead have a positive impact on everyone you meet, you will likely have better baby dreams full of promising symbolism. To dream of an old baby means you’ve grown so much in life. If you have such a dream, it would be wise not to trust anyone because someone might betray that trust. In African dream literature a baby boy dream indicates that motherhood is sacred and also a powerful component of a woman's life. But how can you tell the difference? To take care of a baby in a dream represents a sensitive situation you have to handle in waking life. You might be relying too much on other people in your life that you don’t do anything on your own. You will discover many new abilities and use your potential to create something meaningful. However, take note. This is why dreams interpretations are never 100% accurate but from the information provided, the dreamer can begin to understand what the dream was all about. To dream of neglecting your baby (or a baby which is neglected) then this dream indicates that you need to pay yourself more attention. Dreaming about a baby could be a sign of your pure, natural and innocent nature or your great desire to be nurtured and loved or even your lack of maturity. And, it’s time to get back on track.

The dream could be a sign of something that might happen in future. There’s a part of you that’s worried and the only way to fix it is by reviewing a situation in waking life.

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