She dropped out of school at age 12 due to her family’s poverty. Since their marriage, they have been spending their married life beautifully. They have one child. Megan Charpentier: Nominated For Her Role In Film ‘Mama’ For Best Newcomer At The UBCP/ACTRA.

They tied their knot on 1 December 1982. She seems to be stricter than her husband but less worried about Hay Lin. • Issue 024: Trust Me • Issue 025: Water Shadows • Issue 026: Blackmail • Issue 027: Divided • Issue 028: So Close, Yet So Far • Issue 029:The Lesser Evil • Issue 030: The Chamber of Tempests • Issue 031: The Voice of Silence • Issue 032: Behind the Mask • Issue 033: The Greatest Gift • Issue 034: The Scent of Freedom • Issue 035: Mirrored Lives • Issue 036: Rebel Souls • Issue 037: The Dispute • Issue 038: Desires of the Heart • Issue 039: On the Wings of Remembrance • Issue 040: The Ultimate Secret • Issue 041: The Whole Truth • Issue 042: Beyond All Hope • Issue 043: Tricks of Light • Issue 044: Never Alone, Ever Again • Issue 045: Double Deception • Issue 046: The Power of Courage • Issue 047: The Sands of Time • Issue 048: New Horizons • Issue 049: Between Dreams and Reality • Issue 050: Forever Magic • Issue 051: Out of Control • Issue 052: The Eye of the Book • Issue 053: A Whole New Song • Issue 054: One More Hug • Issue 055: The Day After • Issue 056: The Riddle • Issue 057: The Isle Of Enchantment • Issue 058: Illusions • Issue 059: The The Fire Within • Issue 060: Earth and Air • Issue 061: The World Inside The Book • Issue 062: The Final Chapter • Issue 063: Arrival and Departure • Issue 064: The Screaming Man • Issue 065: When Hope Blooms • Issue 066: Reflections • Issue 067: On Your Side • Issue 068: The Dark Side • Issue 069: New Frontiers • Issue 070: Stop the Presses • Issue 071: Glimmers of Fear • Issue 072: The Green Ray • Issue 073: The Dark Summons • Issue 074: Whisked Away • Issue 075: As You Were, You Are Now • Issue 076: Earth • Issue 077: Of All the Stars • Issue 078: Fire • Issue 079: Water • Issue 080: Emotions • Issue 081: Air • Issue 082: Energy • Issue 083: Return to Kandrakar • Issue 084: Unique Movements • Issue 085: I Am You • Issue 086: In the Heart • Issue 087: A Cold Magic • Issue 088: Which One of You? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Her portrayal of a mute young woman in the romantic drama film not only won her a prestigious award but also established …

Your email address will not be published. Lin has made over 70 films during her 10-year career. Log in.

After that, Joan tried to reason with her father and told him that she was going to marry Chen no matter what he thought. Lin has since retired from the film industry. Mckenzie Small Played A Role As Scarlett Dunn In The Series ‘Backstage’, Madison Bontempo: Running A Family Channel ‘Kyler and Mad’ With Her Husband (Kyler Fisher). Joan is a name that has been common among European royalty. Lin’s movies were mostly based on the novels of Chiung Yao. When Joan was eighteen, Chen Lin started working for her family as a servant.

Owen Joyner: Debuted As Crispo Powers In A TV series ‘100 Things To Do Before High School’. She is also very protective of them and willing to defend them. Their only child, a son Jaycee Chan (now also an actor and singer), was born the day after they got married. Other Comic Books: Core of Kandrakar • Cornelia and Caleb: A Love Not Meant to Be • Elyon: Return of the Queen • Planet Boys • The Year Before • Orube Special • Two Hearts for a Ball (World Cup Special) • Christmas Special 2004 • Christmas Special 2005 • Christmas Special 2006 • Caleb and Elyon - Two Destinies • Halloween Special 2007 • Witch on Stage, Season 2: A is for Anonymous • B is for Betrayal • C is for Changes • D is for Dangerous • E is for Enemy • F is for Facades • G is for Garbage • H is for Hunted • I is for Illusion • J is for Jewel • K is for Knowledge • L is for Loser • M is for Mercy • N is for Narcissist • O is for Obedience • P is for Protectors • Q is for Quarry • R is for Relentless • S is for Self • T is for Trauma • U is for Undivided • V is for Victory • W is for Witch • X is for Xanadu • Y is for Yield • Z is for Zenith. Joan Lin Feng-Jiao is her real name. Joan and Chen got married several months later, resulting in Joan's disinheritance. The 64-years-old Taiwanese actress, Joan Lin is a married woman. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as seen when she refused to be apart of an arranged marriage and choosing to get married to a person she actually loved.

Her most popular movies are Two Lins and Two Chins. Published in Actress and Wife or Girlfriend.

This lady is the wife of Jackie Chan, who is a well-known actor Jackie Chan.

While she acknowledged how beautiful the kimono was, she decided not to wear it, instead saving it for her possible future daughter to wear.

• Issue 089: The Key to Summer • Issue 090: A Beating Heart • Issue 091: So Much More • Issue 092: No Longer Alone • Issue 093: It Comes From Far Away • Issue 094: The Settlement • Issue 095: Endless Tears • Issue 096: Here On The Heart • Issue 097: The Magic of the World • Issue 098: Sweet After All • Issue 099: A Dive in the Air • Issue 100: 100% Witch • Issue 101: A Rising Star • Issue 102: The First Day • Issue 103: That Which You Aren't • Issue 104: Another World • Issue 105: One Letter From a Dream • Issue 106: Zodiac • Issue 107: It Was Fate • Issue 108: A Father's Heart • Issue 109: Green Truth • Issue 110: Magical Moms • Issue 111: Teamwork • Issue 112: Early Days • Issue 113: The Long Kiss • Issue 114: Return to School • Issue 115: A Special Voyage • Issue 116: The Right Distance • Issue 117: The Best Party • Issue 118: All In A Day • Issue 119: Music In The Air • Issue 120: Lady Giga • Issue 121: Ten Years Later • Issue 122: Mathematically Possible • Issue 123: Lady Crash • Issue 124: A Puppy for a Friend • Issue 125: The Other Part • Issue 126: Lady Kimikal • Issue 127: Embrace • Issue 128: A Single Word • Issue 129: Away From the Heart • Issue 130: A New Friend • Issue 131: The Magic of Emotion • Issue 132: Together Again • Issue 133: Little Magic • Issue 134: Tomorrow • Issue 135: Summer Time • Issue 136: Sportingly Stylish • Issue 137: I Love London!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Joan, however, did not agree with the arrangement and fought against it. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Her mother placed it in her trousseau for her, which Joan presented her daughter with years later. In 1979, she won Best Leading Actress in the 16th Golden Horse Awards … Their only child, Jaycee Chan, was born the day after they got married.

Strict, never worries about Hay Lin unlike her husband, Works at Silver Dragon along with mother-in-law, daughter and husband, Be happily married to Chen Lin and continue to help run the Silver Dragon. Her fluency level is not known though. Madeleine Arthur: Maddie Didn’t Reveal Anything About Her Boyfriend and Seems Single.
Joan Lin was born on 30 June 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan. When her friends complained about him, she was always quick to defend him. She is also renowned as a well-respected actress in the Chinese film industry. She isn't always as nervous as Chen Lin, either. She isn't always as nervous as Chen Lin, either. Together, they also have a son named Jaycee Chan. Their only child, Jaycee Chan, was born the day after they got married. Feng-Jiao Lin, Actress: Xiao cheng gu shi.

She has been married to Jackie Chan since December 1, 1982. Joan was born into a very affluent family in Hong Kong. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In 1972, at age 19, she starred in her first film, The Hero of Chiu Chow (poster) / Hero of Waterfront (onscreen), a kung fu film. After a few days, Chen spoke with her father and got thrown out the house. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Joan Lin is a retired Taiwanese actress. Joan Lin Feng Jiao Movies: Lin’s professional careers consist of approximately more than 100 movies that she made for Taiwan and the Hong Kong film industry. She is an actress, known for Xiao cheng gu shi (1979), Wang yang zhong de yi tiao chuan (1979) and Shaolin Vengeance (1974). Joan Lin is a popular Taiwanese actress. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Lin Feng-Jiao is best known for her performance in ‘The Story of a Small Town’. Many of her films are based on the novels of Chiung Yao. She seems to be stricter than her husband but less worried about Hay Lin.

She was born in 30th of June 1953 in Taipei, a place of Taiwan. In 1972, at the age of 19, she starred in her first film, The Hero of Chiu Chow. Her father, Chou Khan, had hired the best private tutors for her and kept her to a very tight schedule.
• Issue 138: A Different World • Issue 139: Forever in Our Hearts She is best known as the wife of famous action star Jackie Chan. We use cookies to deliver services, to personalize ads, to analyze traffic and to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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During a dinner, Joan's father had announced that Fu-Mintung had asked him for Joan's hand in marriage, which her father happily approved. In 1979, she won Best Leading Actress in the 16th Golden Horse Awards for her performance in The Story of a Small Town. That's when Joan started to develop feelings for him.

Jaycee was born in the same year of their marriage. Lin has made over 70 films during her 10-year career. In 1979, she won Best Leading Actress in the 16th Golden Horse Awards for her performance in The Story of a Small Town. Chou was not willing to listen and threatened to throw her out the house but Joan decided to leave of her own free will. She met Jackie Chan in 1981 and they married in Los Angeles the following year.

She did her best to attend to her lessons and social appearance but sometimes deviated and rebelled. When she was younger, she was somewhat mischievious as she constantly avoided her private tutors when she wanted to hangout with her friends instead.

Due to her upbringing, she had many wealthy and high-class friends whom she enjoyed being around.

She enjoys teasing and joking with the people she loves and cares for. She tied the knot with famous actor Jackie Chan.

When Joan turned fifteen, her mother presented her with a furisode that she bought while in Japan. Volumes: Issue 001: Halloween • Issue 002: The Twelve Portals • Issue 003: The Dark Dimension • Issue 004: The Power of Fire • Issue 005: So Be It Forever • Issue 006: Illusions and Lies • Issue 007: One Day You'll Meet Him • Issue 008: The Black Roses of Meridian • Issue 009: The Four Dragons • Issue 010: A Bridge Between Two Worlds • Issue 011: The Crown of Light • Issue 012: The Challenge of Phobos • Issue 013: I Know Who You Are • Issue 014: The End of a Dream • Issue 015: The Courage to Choose • Issue 016: Nerissa's Seal • Issue 017: Don't Close Your Eyes • Issue 018: Remnants of Summer • Issue 019: The Other Side of the Story • Issue 020: A Gust of Hate • Issue 021: Shadows of Tomorrow • Issue 022: A Broken Heart • Issue 023: Goodbye! Lin Feng-Jiao is best known for her performance in ‘The Story of a Small Town’. Joan is a very kind and outgoing woman. Her Chinese name is Lin Feng-jiao.

When Chen tripped and spilled several drinks (thanks to a jealous Fu-Mintung) while at a pool party, he quickly cleaned up the mess and brought them new drinks without a complaint. She teased and flirted with him several times as she enjoyed watching him blush. Later, Chen confessed his feelings to her.

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