an unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially the feeling of not liking a particular group of people. Crespi, for example, preferred to speak of “attitudinal systems,” which he characterized as the combined development of four sets of phenomena: (1) values and interests, (2) knowledge and beliefs, (3) feelings, and (4) behavioral intentions (i.e., conscious inclinations to act in certain ways). How many people actually form opinions on a given issue, as well as what sorts of opinions they form, depends partly on their immediate situations, partly on more-general social-environmental factors, and partly on their preexisting knowledge, attitudes, and values. Attitudes are evaluative statement favourable or unfavourable related to person, object or event.

Free thesaurus definition of opinions and attitudes from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. A. engagement B. confidence C. emotion D. attitudeOur personal opinion or feeling towards something is called a(n) _____.jOur personal opinion or feeling towards something is called a(n) _____.

Attitudes are often the result of experience or upbringing, and they can have a powerful influence over behavior. To assume or to place in a particular position or orientation; to pose. Finally, attitudes are “the currents below the surface, deeper and stronger,” representing a midrange between values and opinions. someone’s take on something.

Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. They reflect that how one feel about something. OR. If an attitude does not serve a function such as one of the above, it is unlikely to be formed: an attitude must be useful in some way to the person who holds it. A seemingly homogeneous body of public opinion may therefore be composed of individual opinions that are rooted in very different interests and values. See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. While attitudes are enduring, they can also change. A. engagement B. confidence C. emotion D. attitude. They are not likely to change, and they strengthen as people grow older. Some opinion researchers have contended that the standard technical concept of attitude is not useful for understanding public opinion, because it is insufficiently complex. They encompass beliefs about religion—including belief (or disbelief) in God—political outlook, moral standards, and the like.

(European Union law) a judicial opinion delivered by an Advocate General to the European Court of Justice where he or she proposes a legal solution to the cases for which the court is responsible. a strong belief or opinion about something, formal the opinion that you have about someone or something, careful thought about something before making a judgment about its value, importance, or quality, the opinion that other people have about you because of the way that you look, speak, or behave, used about something that you believe because of what you have seen or experienced, often something that is not true, an opinion that you form about something that is based on information you already have, an opinion that you have after thinking carefully about something, opinions and attitudes that are not extreme and that a lot of people can agree with, an idea or opinion among a number of others, a way of judging a situation based on a particular aspect, an opinion about something that you form before you have a lot of information about it or experience of it, an unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially the feeling of not liking a particular group of people, when you judge the quality of your own work and how much progress you have made, someone’s attitude or opinion about a situation, a judgment based on your personal beliefs, not on facts, the particular ideas or beliefs that influence the way that you think about things, an official judgment by an organization or person in authority, an opinion that you have or a decision that you make, informal the ideas, intentions, or feelings that make someone say a particular thing or behave in a particular way, the way that someone sees and understands world events, especially in relation to their religious or political beliefs and ideas. (obsolete) Obstinacy in holding to one's belief or impression; opiniativeness; conceitedness. The position of the body or way of carrying oneself; posture. Values, he suggested, are “the deep tides of public mood, slow to change, but powerful.” Opinions, in contrast, are “the ripples on the surface of the public’s consciousness—shallow and easily changed.” Finally, attitudes are “the currents below the surface, deeper and stronger,” representing a midrange between values and opinions. Once an issue is generally recognized, some people will begin to form attitudes about it. The attitudes that are formed may be held for various reasons.

Our personal opinion or feeling towards something is called a(n) _____. a judgment or opinion that is the result of this process. If an attitude is expressed to others by sufficient numbers of people, a public opinion on the topic begins to emerge. Not having strong opinions or supporting a particular opinion or idea, Words used to describe thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Most pervasive is the influence of the social environment: family, friends, neighbourhood, place of work, church, or school.

Opinions, in contrast, are “the ripples on the surface of the public’s consciousness—shallow and easily changed.”. In psychology, an attitude refers to a set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular object, person, thing, or event. According to Worcester, the art of understanding public opinion rests not only on the measurement of people’s views but also on understanding the motivations behind those views. Yet they can be shaped—and in some cases completely changed—by prolonged exposure to conflicting values, by concerted thought and discussion, by the feeling that one is “out of step” with others whom one knows and respects, and by the development of significantly new evidence or circumstances.

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