I always have to send more than one file/part using 2 browsers, to get good results. With Youtube you’ll only see a reencoded version of it, with the lossless one 100% gone after you upload. Believing she was rescued from near death, Major (Johansson) becomes the first of her kind: a human mind inside an artificial body designed to fight the war against cyber-crime. Scarlett Johansson stars in the visually stunning Ghost in the Shell, an action-packed adventure set in a future world where people are enhanced with technology. Deleted, -As soon as some poor [schmuck] volunteers.

-Clarence’s death from the ITV version, he runs around in a circle holding his neck and then theres a shot of Robo trying to push the girders of of him. 2) There’s no risk of the company going down tomorrow (unlike Dropbox and others which I doubt it will be around 10, 20 years from now); 3) Even if a file is hit with a strike, if you are the owner just log into your account/Google Drive and you’ll be able to download again (it’s just not accessible for the public). There’s no Coke snorting or fooling around. 1988 Full Screen Image Laserdisc - Theatrical Cut But Robocop must face some deadly foes, including a lethally efficient android and a dangerous gang of thugs. I am trying today to download some files and after 1.5 GB they want me to wait 5 hours to continue, otherwise I’ll have to use a paid account.

When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) -- a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit -- is critically injured, OmniCorp grabs their chance to build a part-man, part-robot police officer. But Robocop is haunted by snatches of memory and dreams of who and what he used to be. Deleted, -You just [fucked with] the wrong guy! I can rely on Ultrasurf or try other stuff but after a while this gets tiresome (and never work when we want).

-The beginning of the scene in Bob’s house with the models is significantly shortened.

Unsure what to believe, Major will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery of her true identity and exact revenge against the corporation she was built to serve. As this whole menace grows, it may even prove to be too much for Murphy to handle. Please read our Terms of Service. ITV, main edit. 1988 Orion VHS -Theatrical Cut Audio track 1 and 2 have music (the dream) under the scene. The strike is still valid for a couple of months. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) trailer.

In the club scene, an alternate TV angle is used so you don’t see a topless woman dancing. https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/robocop-limited-edition-blu-ray/FCD1918. Footage from the ABC version of the other girl is more rare and interesting than a static shot of the door (in my opinion)

In one instance an optical bra is matted over a topless woman changing near the beginning, like in the TV edit. The SOBs that own this movie hit me with a copyright strike! This was the 1st time ever I had a counter-notice rejected.

-All nudity is obscured/cut.

-Censored version of Clarence running down Emil from the ITV broadcast. Set in Old Detroit, a crime-ridden ghetto of the not too distant future, a cop killed in the line of duty is robotized then dispatched to fight crime.

When Clarence shoots Murphy in the head, alternate TV footage of Clarence shooting is used to mask the back of Murphy’s head exploding. -When Joe is shot, the first shot is shortened so you don’t see the impact, alternate footage is used in place of the other 2 shots of him being shot. Visit Chrome.com to get the fast Chrome browser for Windows. -THIStv 2018 airing of RoboCop - DVR/hdmi rip If you send me a PM I can give you a link.

ABC Network TV Broadcast from 1991 Finked on, freaking 2006 Recalled Sony Blu Ray - Theatrical Cut Listen to me you fool! -A shot of Bob’s front door, used to cover him snorting coke off of the girl’s chest. deleted, (except for last one which is “why me”). 2:58.

Thank you very much for the link, watched today had a giggle at the thoughts of the ITV version that I remember. -Alternate angle of the robber firing his machine gun at RoboCop from the TV version is used to mask him clearly mouthing “fuck me, fuck me, etc”

There’s an alternate shot of the woman wearing gold saying “Bob?” then the door bell rings. Freaking, -I don’t have time for [this bull shit], -Nobody [popped my cherry] -Several shots in the hospital are cut or replaced with TV footage.
-Unreleased Blu Ray of RoboCop Theatrical cut The blood is Matted out. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments.

Some I could easily correct with a filter, others I had to go through frame by frame and re color the background and faces/clothes.

-Shots of Murphy dead on the ground are zoomed so you don’t see the bullet hole. Contains the most alternate footage. 2 (2017) trailer. -Lewis is shot less times by Clarence.

-When Emil moves in front of the car, the shot of his front/face is cut.

-Sound of Joe pissing is taken out (“mind if I zip this up” scene).

… Here is the info on the edit for those that are interested: Sources used: -The whole movie is panned and scanned to 4:3. 2 are taken from the TV version. -Alternate take of “don’t touch me man” from the TV version used so you don’t see melted Emil’s face. -When Emil’s motorcycle hits the car, an alternate extended TV shot of him flying off the bike is inserted.

When Robocop pulls the data spike out of Clarence’s neck, blood no longer falls on Robocop and the sound effect is deleted. RoboCop (1987) - VHSRip - Rychlodabing (5.verze) DJLonely. I want to see this edited version, i can download? -Clarence doesn’t whack Robocop with the pole 3 times anymore, he just runs up and stabs him.

So I can still share that probably, It was taken down.

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